Lalita is Engaged!

Our very own, Lalita, is ENGAGED! It was a complete surprise to her as we were shooting a "Peplum Promo Video," which she was deeply involved in. Lalita is our "Paperie Queen," as I like to call her. She creates all kinds of paper goods for PEPLUM as well as her own for Lalita Paperie & Designs. She is a very important part of PEPLUM! Lalita is our graphic designer, project manager and designer, and even a florist at times! When her boyfriend [now-fiancĂ©] reached out to me and said "it's about that time!," I screamed with happiness! He wanted it to be captured, so we reached out to our talented friends at Mosa Media and the rest is history! 

Here are some photos I was able to capture on my phone, but I can't wait to show you the video very soon!!!