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I dream about destination weddings all of the time! It's fun to imagine where you could have a dreamy wedding and what you would wear and how everything would look. So, today I wanted to share a dream destination wedding and what I would wear if I was getting married (again - to my husband) in a foreign place. The sweet gals at asked me to create an inspirational style board for a wedding at a very romantic location and I just don't think there is anything more romantic and dreamy than Paris! Since I recently went to Paris, that whole Parisian vibe is still fresh in my mind and let's not mention that I'm still having the Paris blues! I think about being in Paris at least three times a day! The city's charm and beauty really inspired me to dream about this for a little bit. I can totally see myself wearing every item I chose below and just walking the beautiful streets of Paris right at sunset. I can imagine seeing the gorgeous pink light of the sun reflecting against the gorgeous buildings while walking across the bridges over the Seine River. I would definitely stroll the streets in this beautiful lace gown a-la Midnight in Paris and walk around the city all through the night with my love. There's nothing about this city that I don't love and there is no other place that would be more romantic and picturesque. If you're planning or thinking of getting married at a romantic destination, don't think twice and just do it! It makes for incredible memories and so many intimate moments! Would you ever consider having your wedding at a romantic destination? How would you imagine that day to be? Yeah, let's dream for a second! Go on and you can create your dream wedding on "the wedding planner binder in the cloud" and you can even find your dream there by clicking, here. Hey, you may be able to turn that dream into reality! xo

Destination: Musee du Louvre 
Paris, France


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