hello, i'm jelli...
a creative lady with a strong passion to make visions come to life!
creating visual stories with flowers, props, color, art -you name it-  is something that i did because it brought happiness to my life, but now it's known as Peplum Events & Design! 
after years of creating events, parties and weddings for family, friends and friends of friends, i finally decided to take it to the next level and here it is . . . 

[P E P L U M: a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim]
in other words, a peplum is just a decorative detail that adds the perfect touch of pretty!
and that's exactly what we do. . . we add the perfect touch of 
pretty - art - aesthetics - flowers - decor
and all the details to the best day of your life!
we focus on vintage and boutique style events that are handcrafted and personalized to reflect you!
if you're a DIY bride or a bride with a specific vision 
and want a team to execute it, we're your team!
but, you don't have to be a bride . . . we also specialize in 
showers, birthdays, corporate events and any other party your little heart desires! 

we LOVE 
to work with visionaries who think outside the box and appreciate creativity and details. 
everyone wants a memorable event that will wow their guests and that's what we live for!
from design, decor, styling, planning and coordinating...you can count on us to create a memorable event that will be sure to make a statement.

details make statements & we create details! 
so, if you'd like to chat...i'd love to hear from you and about what's brewing in your colorful mind!
jelli [at] peplumevents [dot] com